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lond-onstyle: Hey Jensen! I hate to ask this but it's really important, an alumni from my high school disappeared in Chico, CA this Labor Day Weekend and he still hasn't shown up. We really need the word to spread so can you please reblog this post? insanity-or-optimism(.)tumblr(.)com/post/30961638469/he-was-a-senior-when-i-was-a-freshman-in-high If you don't want to, no hard feelings but thank you so much! xx 

I did!(: every one please go reblog this too!


This past Labor Day Weekend, Monday September 2, Brett Michael Olson attended the Chico float in Northern California along the Sacramento River. He was last seen on Beer Can Beach in the Chico area at around 3:00 pm. He is 20 years old, 6’1”, 170 lbs and has dark brown hair and hazel eyes.
He currently attends California State University at San Luis Obispo as a Junior.
In the Chico area there are currently hundreds of people and police physically searching for him with police dogs and paramedics.
There is a $5,000 reward offered by the Olson family to anyone who can provide information on the whereabouts of Brett Olson.
There is also an Olson family donation fund through Wells Fargo Bank to provide money to monetary support for the searching of Brett and for in the event of him being injured when found, there is money for him to get better and recover.
There is a Facebook group called “Let’s Bring Brett Home” with over 68,000 members in just a few days. There is a lot of support and help for Brett but there needs to be more:
He was a senior when I was a freshman in high school. I would have never imagined this happening so close to home although I didn’t personally know him. Please, my lovely followers, reblog this to spread the word. He was such a prominent figure in my high school, and I bet he is in the real world too. Please show your support and reblog this. I really hope he comes home. Praying for you Brett Olson. (Taken with Instagram)
Also, please get this out to the larger public as much as possible. Tweet/Instagram/Reblog/ANYTHING with the tag #findbrettolson and inform your friends, coworkers, teachers, bosses, anybody! Please try to also inform celebrities/anybody with a huge fanbase who can get the message out to more people via social media.
The Chico, CA Police Department number is (530) 895-4911 - if you have any information please contact them.
Thank you